Kambos in Chios island is a unique ensemble of agricultural settlements that serves as an exceptional example for the harmonic coexistence of residence, agricultural and auxiliary buildings, that stand in 200 estates surrounded by high walls. Equal in number with the estates are mansions of high architectural quality and auxiliary buildings, elaborate pebble-paved yards, reservoirs, wells and citrus orchards.

Kambos has a history that goes back to Byzantium. Byzantines were followed by the island?s conquerors, the Genoans and the Turks, the 1822 massacre and the terrible 1881 earthquake, events that influenced life in Kambos. However, despite all these disasters, conquests and changes, Kambos kept its character unspoiled from the 14th century until our days.

Many mansions have been restored and are used either as residences or as lodges. The residence character of the Kambos mansions still survives in a great extend and some of them (around ten) have been transformed into lodges while almost all the orchards are being cultivated.

The area within Kambos? current limits has been identified as an historical location, according to the topographic diagram 1:5.000 and beyond it, up to one property width.