The castle located on the south summit of the hill called "Nissi" was built in the Medieval period and was later remodelled as a strong defensive complex. In the 18th century, the three Zapheiropoulos brothers, merchants living abroad, returned to their home town to fight for the Greek revolution and built their houses inside the caslte.

The most important monuments on the site are:

The Caslte. It is rectangular in plan, with careless wall masonry. A large part of the enceinte and one of the defensive towers are preserved today.

Panos Zapheiropoulos residence (inside the Castle). The rectangular building is erected on the ruins of an earlier building, of unknown date. The interior was divided by wooden partition walls.

Constantinos Zapheiropoulos residence. It contains four compartments attached to the south wall of the castle and had auxiliary rooms, a latrine, and cisterns.

Ioannes Zapheiropoulos residence. It is preserved in bad condition but the whole structure is similar to Constantinos Zapheiropoulos' residence.

Ruins of many more buildings of unknown function and date are preserved inside the castle.