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Public building with cistern
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Stoic building
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House of the ashlar masorny
House with pithoi
House with the staircases
Chamber tomb A at Aiani
The chamber tomb is the largest in this category discovered within the necropolis of ancient Aiani. The necropolis lies at the Liv?dia location to the north of Megali Rakhi hill and is dated to the archaic and classical periods.
The sides of the burial chamber (4 x 4m) measure 3m of width and are built in alternating courses of three stone blocks and two stone blocks. The flat roof of oblong blocks reposed on a wooden beam, to judge from the slots on the chamber's wall. Another roof support ...
Chamber tomb B at Aiani
The large chamber tomb B at Aiani belongs to the necropolis of the archaic and classical periods at the Liv?dia location to the north of the ancient city. It was found near the even larger chamber tomb A, to the west of the latter, at the same axis and on lower level. The few findings uncovered on the interior permit dating to the fifth century BC. The south section of an earlier edifice at the same location was destroyed in order to construct the tomb. This edifice, probably used for burials and ...
House with loomweights