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The Fortress in the archaeological site at Sounion
The city ľ state of Athens fortified for safety reasons at its frontier several sites of strategic importance, among which cape Sounion.
The walls extend to a length of about 400 m on the north and east sides, cutting off the cape from the land. They enclose an area of about 4 ha occupied by the sanctuary of Poseidon and a settlement of the deme of Sounion. They are not of a uniform quality, since through time they underwent several repairs and alterations following the defense ...
The port and the ship sheds in the archaeological site at Sounion
The port of Sounion was located at the sandy cove north of the fortress, protected from north winds. It was an advanced naval base of the Athenians, but also a commercial station. Commercial ships could be hauled on the sandy beach, while for the maintenance and keeping of warships ship sheds had been built.
A ship shed for two ships was cut out on the rocky shore at the cove entrance. It is a rectangular alcove, 11.50 m wide, penetrating the slope for 20.50 ...
Sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion
The buildings of the sanctuary
The sacred precinct of Poseidon, occupying the highest area in the fortress, is defined by a wall except for its south precipitous side, on a surface of around 5000 m2. It was entered through a monumental gateway at the NE. The most important building is the temple of Poseidon, in the south part, while the NW part is occupied by the big north portico and the smaller west one.

The temple of Poseidon
The doric temple seen today was built of local marble ...