Rotonda, Thessaloniki
You can watch the archaeological film "ROTUNDA", production of the Ephorate of Antiquities, Thessaloniki, 2016, with the history of the monument and the analysis of its mosaic decoration here.
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Church of Acheiropoiitos
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Church of Agios Dimitrios
The monument is a five-aisled basilica, with a narthex and a transept. Under the sanctuary and the transept there is the crypt. A chapel of Saint Euthymios is attached to the south-east corner of the church. Very few fragments of the sculptural and pictorial (mosaics, wall paintings) decoration of the church, survived the disastrous fire of 1917 but they are representative of the successive phases of the monument's history.
The first church was a small oratory, built shortly after 313 A.D. on ...
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Monastery of Latomou, Thessaloniki
The original church was small and square in plan, with an apse at the east end and an entrance in the west wall. In each of the four corners of the building, a small chamber was constructed, thus forming a cross with equal arms in the area of the naos. The whole west side of the church is now ruined and the entrance is located on the south side. Of the interior decoration is preserved the famous mosaic in the conch of the sanctuary, dated to the 5th-6th century and fragments of wall paintings, dated ...
Church of Agia Sophia
Panagia ton Chalkeon, Thessaloniki
Church of Agioi Apostoloi, Thessaloniki
Church of Saint Nicolaos Orfanou
Church of Agios Panteleimon, Thessaloniki