Administrative Information

Official Unit:
25th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities

Stymfalia (Prefecture of Korinthia)

Full: €Είσοδος ελεύθερη
Special ticket package: Full: €Είσοδος ελεύθερη, Reduced: €0
Free admission days
27 September, International Tourism Day
Sundays in the period between 1 November and 31 March
Reduced admission for:
Persons possessing a free admission card
The accompanying parents on educational visits of elementary schools.
The escorting teachers of schools and institutions of elementary, middle school, high school, university and graduate level education during their visits
Free admission for:
Greek citizens and citizens of other Member - States of the European Union aged over 65 years old by showing their ID card or passport.
Members of Societies and Associations of Friends of Museums and Archaeological Sites throughout Greece with the demonstration of certified membership card
Members of the ICOM-ICOMOS
Persons accompanying blind and disabled
Students of Higher Education Institutes and equivalent Schools from countries outside the EU by showing their student ID
The official guests of the Greek government, with the approval of the General Director of Antiquities.
University students and students at Technological Educational Institutes or equivalent schools of Member - States of the European Union and students at Schools of Tourist Guides, by showing their student ID
Young people, under the age of 18, after demonstrating the Identity Card or passport to confirm the age

From the 1st of November until the 31 of March 2010:

  Amenities for the physically challenged
Road to Kalianoi
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