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Macedonia from the 7th c. BC until the Late Antiquity

Exhibition "Macedonia from the 7th c. BC until the Late Antiquity"
The exhibition entitled “Macedonia from the 7th c. BC until the Late Antiquity” presents aspects of life of the Macedonians from the creation of the independent Macedonian kingdom in the archaic period to the Roman Imperial era (1st – 4th c. AD), when Macedonia was a province of the Roman Empire. The artefacts on display come from Thessaloniki as well as a multitude of other sites across Macedonia, from earlier and later excavations. They cover a chronological framework of 1100 years and each one characterises its own era not only as works of exceptional artistic value but also as living testimonies of the history and culture of Macedonia. The hundreds of exhibits on display are organised in eight large thematic units that cover the political, social, and economic organisation of Macedonian society at the time.

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Other Photographs of the exhibition
Gold mask and a so-called "Illyrian type" helmet, Sindos, Thessaloniki, circa 520 BC
Funerary stele depicting two men facing each other, Ierissos (ancient Acanthus), Chalkidice, circa 400 BC
Decorative glass element of a glass vessel, in the shape of a hare, Karitsa, Pieria, 3rd - early 4th c. AD