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Towards the Birth of Cities

Exhibition "Towards the Birth of Cities"
The exhibition “Towards the Birth of Cities” presents the material remains from settlements and cemeteries dating to the Iron Age (1100 - 700 BC) in the region extending between Mt. Athos and Olympus, from sites like Mende, Assiros, Kastanas, Nea Philadelphia. Anchialos, Krania of Olympus etc. During the course of these centuries the advent of important changes in the economic and social life takes place. Trade and exchange contacts also intensify and metalworking is on the rise. Luxurious drinking vessels signify a rising social class, which incorporates practices copied from the aristocracy of central and southern Greece. The new changes in spatial organisation of settlements are also evident in the treatment of the dead, as organised and clearly delineated cemeteries now appear

Later, during the age of the Kingdom of Macedon, these elements would signify the birth of the region’s first cities.

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Other Photographs of the exhibition
Pithamphora with the characteristic "painted" decoration of Chalkidice, Mende cemetery, 7th c. BC
Amphora with painted decoration, "Treis Elies", Petra, Pieria prefecture, 1000 BC
Matt-painted jug with cut-away neck, from the cemetery of "Treis Elies", Petra, Pieria prefecture, 1000 BC