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Athens METRO-“Syntagma” Station

"Syntagma" METRO station
An exhibition space of around 500 square meters has been created in the first basement of the Syntagma Station, where copies as well as authentic finds from the excavation in the area of the station, as well as that of the shaft of Herodes Atticus are exhibited, to inform passing visitors about the history and topography of the area over the course of centuries, something which is of particular interest to citizens.

Original finds, displayed in specially-designed cases, include: part of a mosaic floor (4th-5th c. A.D.), pipes from the “Peisistratid aqueduct”, various other types of pipes, unguentaria, pointed-toe amphoras (2nd-1st c. B.C.), lamps, and loomweights of various types.

Also on exhibit are copies of Hellenistic funerary colonnettes, a marble loutrophoros (4th c. B.C.), an Ionic column capital, a funerary stele with gabled finial, and numerous vases.

Another case displays a reconstruction of the stratigraphy, i.e. a series of successive archaeological layers as these accumulated with the passage of time, as well as the remains of human intervention during this period. In this particular stratigraphic reconstruction one may make out the bed of the Eridanos, filled in during Roman times, and north of the river bed the ancient road with its retaining walls, which was done away with in the late 3rd century A.D., so that its surface could be occupied by the baths. Also discernible (in cross-section) are a funerary enclosure and a sarcophagus (4th c. B.C.), a clay pipe belonging to the Peisistratid aqueduct and architectural remains of the bath complex.
K. Michailidou

Site accessible to the public during opening hours of the station
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"Syntagma" METRO station
"Syntagma" METRO station
"Syntagma" METRO station
"Syntagma" METRO station
"Syntagma" METRO station