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Athens METRO - "Egaleo" station

"Egaleo" METRO station
The exhibition inside the station presents finds from excavations conducted along the course of the Hiera Odos. In the stationís 17 display cases, original finds and replicas related to various aspects and activities of life in antiquity, which are linked to the course of Hiera Odos, are on display. Finds such as Eleusinian kernoi, votive offerings, and figurines from a sanctuary deposit reveal aspects of ancient worship. Tomb furnishings (kterismata) and tomb monuments (parts of marble grave stelae) lining either side of the Sacred Way present ancient burial customs. The finds in other cases refer to the crops of ancient Athens (excavation of Eleonas Station), the cityís water supply and water resources, manufacturing activity outside the city walls (Eleonas Station), land use and the natural environment in the area, and the development of reading and writing. Of special interest is the model of the skeleton of a horse, which drowned in the waters of the Kifissos, with a reconstruction of the excavation trench as it was found. The finds presented in the exhibition date from the Archaic period (6th c. B.C.) to Roman times.
Aik. Karkani

The exhibition is open to the public during opening hours of the station