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Zakynthos Museum permanent exhibition

Gallery H
The two storeys and mezzanine floors of Museum host masterpieces by renowned painters of the Postbyzantine period and representative works by eponymous and anonymous Heptanesian artists. In the interval of just two months he managed to exhibit two entire woodcarved iconostasesin the ground floor (gallery A), sculptures of the Hellenistic, Early Christian, Byzantine and Postbyzantine periods (gallery B), wall-paintings (galleries and ), unique works by famous Cretan icon-painters of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, Michael Damaskenos, Emmanuel Tzanes Bounialis, Victor etc. (gallery ), icons by their pupils, important Zakynthian painters of the 18th century (gallery ) and large oil paintings by Nikolaos Doxaras, Nikolaos Koutouzis and Nikolaos Kantounis (gallery Z) on the first floor of the Museum and the ground floor (gallery H and Entrance).

From Doxaras to Koutouzis religious paintings turned totally towards Mannerism, Baroque and Flemish painting. Egg tempera technique was abandoned and oil painting prevailed, elements of secular art were introduced (secularization), strong emotions are expressed (passion), new cycles of sybjects appeared in the iconography due to the influence of the Counter-Reformation, while large pictures replaced wall-paintings in the churches. Heptanesian painting, letters and indeed the other arts - that is all that composed Heptanesian culture - were the natural outcome of the political and social milieu in which they developed
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