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Prehistoric Macedonia

Exhibition "Prehistoric Macedonia"
Chronologically, the museum narrative begins with the exhibition “Prehistoric Macedonia”, which, as the title reveals, presents finds from prehistoric sites across Macedonia.

The exhibition, after a short introduction on the history of research, begins at an era prior to the appearance of modern humans, through the casts of skulls of the Ouranopithecus Macedoniensis, an early hominid, and moves on to the Palaeolithic era with the cast of the famous Petralona Skull (200.000 BC). The peaceful revolution of the Neolithic era is presented next, along with the crucial social transformations of the Bronze Age, through relevant thematic units, that refer to hunting, fishing, farming, herding, cooking and storage of goods, weaving, vessel and tool making technologies, metallurgy and trade. There are also thematic units dealing with issues of social beliefs and ideological concerns, such as appearance and adornment, social inequalities and the treatment of the body after death.

At the end of the hall, a specially designed room hosts the multimedia application of the exhibition. This is a 10-minute film in Greek or English, which "talks" about the prehistoric household and how the archaeologist during the excavation is led to its recognition and reconstitution.

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Other Photographs of the exhibition
Prehistoric stone tools
Mycenaean vessel
Leg of a neolithic miniature table with incised decoration