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Memory in Stone

Open-ground exhibition "Memory in Stone"
In the open-ground exhibition entitled “Memory in Stone”, lithic monuments from Thessaloniki and other parts of Macedonia dating mostly from the 1st to the 3rd century AD, but also belonging to later eras, testify the various uses of stone; a material whose durability guaranteed the preservation of fortifications, burial monuments, buildings, vessels and tools, but also the persistence of the memory of people and ideas. However, due to various circumstances the initial purpose of the objects was often forgotten and many lithic monuments were altered and reused in order to cover ongoing needs at times, such as the erection and reinforcement of the fortifications of Thessaloniki.

The exhibition is accessible by people with disabilities and the visually-impaired.

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Other Photographs of the exhibition
Funerary altar, 2nd c. BC
Funerary altar with relief decorations, 2nd c. BC
Corinthian capital, Thessaloniki, 91 Philippou str., 4th c. AD