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Road of Light and Hope-Voyage of Hellenism to Japan

(16 January 2019 until 28 January 2019)

A philosophy shared by East and West: Eternity exists in a moment and the whole world is in a speck of dust. Thus, if one universe is a part of the bigger one, and if all is one and one is all, we can regard all ourselves as one from the tiniest atom to the largest universe.

Everyone is a part of everything and all is interconnected: this is the core message of Road of Light and Hope whose ancient Eurasian wisdom arrived in Japan 1300 - 1500 years ago via the Silk Road and even today survives in the form of art. The Eurasian trail where this all-inclusive vision was fostered, and where beauty and wisdom interacted as a Road of the Vairocana Buddhas introduction to Japan, is an inspiration for oneness of all, transcending East and West, as well as North and South.

The globally touring photo exhibition & short-film series, Road of Light and Hope presents visions towards unity through select artwork as evidence of the interconnectedness of East and West, throughout which The Eurasian Trail of Wisdom stands out in bold relief.

While Nara was the ancient capital of Japan, it was de facto the easternmost terminal of the Silk Road. If we were to seek a cultural link connecting its westernmost terminus, Rome, with Nara, it might be found in the sculptural art works from the eighth century, embodying the ideals of the human spirit as well as the free and vivid movements influenced by the classical style of ancient Greece.

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