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The Archipelago on Fire

To celebrate the bicentennial of the outbreak of the Greek Revolution in 1821, the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades is organizing in the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos the temporary exhibition titled The Archipelago on Fire.

The segmented exhibition, with title inspired by Jules Vernes novel, is a unique opportunity to present, through a broad spectrum of objects from all the Cycladic islands, aspects of pre-revolutionary society in the Archipelago. This region was a vital space of social and political fermentation, where favourable preconditions were created for the development of contributory forces to the Struggle.

The restive Aegean before and during the Greek War of Independence inspires a discrete unit of the Exhibition, in which seafaring and mercantile activity proceed in tandem with the activity of pirates and corsairs, giving rise to the dynamic revolutionary fleet. Spotlighted here is the heroine Mando Mavrogenous, the Bella Greca, who is the personification of altruism in her contribution to the liberation struggle. Not only did she offer the whole of her large family fortune to the Cause, but also participated personally in martial episodes.

A special unit of the Exhibition focuses on the paramount work of the Neohellenic Enlightenment, the Map (Charta) of Rigas Velestinlis, so linking intellectual achievement with the formation of the national consciousness of the Greeks and their struggles for freedom and independence. It points out also the appeal that ancient remains held for foreign travellers, and for the Cycladic islanders themselves, so enhancing antiquity as ideological nucleus of the philhellenic movement.

The Exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos.

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