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View of the grave stele
Grave stele of Arniadas

This oblong stone stele of Archaic period was a funerary monument placed on the grave of the warrior Arniadas. Despite the fact that it is broken in two pieces, the stele is preserved in a good condition. The four holes on the upper part of the stone were used in order to lift the stele while placing it on the grave. The inscription on the stele is written in the boustrofedon format (an ancient writing system having alternate lines written in opposite directions). It consists of four verses written according to the Homeric hexameter, while the epigram refers to the heroic death of the warrior during a battle at the bank of river Arachthos. The meter, the pompous style and the battle that took place near the ships signify a clear Homeric influence. It seems, based on other monuments as well, that this type of influence was pretty common during that particular time in Corfu.

Inscription:   Σαμα τόδε Αρνιάδα χαροπός τόνδ΄ ώλεσεν Άρης,βαρνάμενον παρά ναυσίν επ΄ Αράθθοιο ροfαισι,πολλόν αριστεύ<τ>οντα κατά στονόfεσ(σ)αν αfυτάν
Exhibit Features
Date: Archaic period, 630 B.C. - 600 B.C.
Place of discovery: Kerkyra, Archaic cemetery in Garitsa
Dimensions: width: 0,55 m, height: 1,90 m
Material: limestone
Inventory number: Α.Ε. 2
Exhibition hole: Upper-floor lobby
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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