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Permanent exchibition of Museum of Acropolis

Relief of Artemis

This monumental relief sculpture was a votive offering in the sacred precinct of the Acropolis. It is an Attic work of the early Classical period and a characteristic example of the prevalent Severe Style. Only the upper part of this stele is preserved, with its pedimental crowning member to which a splendid female head, until recently in the National Archaeological Museum, was joined. The head belongs to a young goddess with intricate hairdo, held in place with bands and ending in a ponytail. The woman's youthfulness has led to her identification as Artemis, whose sanctuary stood a little higher than where the fragments were found on the north-west side of the Acropolis.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period
Place of discovery: Athens
Dimensions: width: 0,396 m, height: 0,337 m
Material: parian marble
Inventory number: 13529 (+ΕΑΜ 2949)
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