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Permanent exchibition of Museum of Acropolis

The slab II from the north frieze of the Parthenon depicts three youths taking part in the Panathenaic procession and leading oxen
Scene with youths leading oxen from the Parthenon frieze

This slab, which belongs to the Parthenon's north frieze, depicts a most beautiful scene: three youths take part in the Panathenaic procession, leading oxen to be slaughtered in honour of the goddess Athena. They wear himatia and walk towards the left. The broad horizontal surfaces of the animals' bodies are in contrast with the vertical human figures and their richly pleated garments. The animals are rendered with remarkable plasticity and vitality, while the solemn figures of the youths lend a sense of magnificence to the composition. The well preserved head of the first youth and the resisting ox are especially noteworthy. The hand of a fourth man, who tries to discipline the animal, appears on the right. This is considered to be one of the finest sculptures in this frieze and is attributed to Pheidias himself.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period
Place of discovery: Athens
Dimensions: width: 1.407 m, height: 1.02 m
Material: pentelic marble
Inventory number: 857
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