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Permanent Collection of the Archaeological Museum of Veroia

Statuette of Aphrodite

This clay statuette, one of the finest found in Beroia, depicts the goddess Aphrodite with Eros. It is mould-made, but some details, including the base, were fashioned by hand. The goddess stands on a tall pedestal scantly clad in a himation, which is loosely draped around her thighs in a cascade of folds. She wears a dense crown of leaves and holds a mask of Seilinos in her raised right hand and a bowl of fruit and sweets in her left. Eros rests upon her shoulder; his head is missing. To her left is a Hermaic stele of the god Priapus. The representation of Seilinos, a companion of Dionysus, together with three deities associated with fertility cults bespeaks the pleasures of life. This statuette was found in a woman's burial and is the product of a local ceramic workshop.

Exhibit Features
Date: Hellenistic period, Mid 2nd century BC
Place of discovery: Veroia
Dimensions: height: 0,478 m
Material: Clay
Inventory number: Π 3109
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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