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Permanent Collection of the Archaeological Museum of Agios Nikolaos

Quadruple Horns of Consecration from the Peak Sanctuary at Petsofas
Composite horns of consecration

Horns of consecration were the most important symbol of the Minoan cult, and were likely related to the cult of the bull. In this case it consists of a pair of double horns placed inside another larger one. On the obverse the pair bears three smaller pairs of horns in relief and three small altars in a tripartite arrangement, which resembles the similar arrangement of Minoan temples. The double horns made of clay, stone, or mortar like in this case, were a typical feature of Minoan cult from the Middle Bronze Age, and were used to mark altars and sanctuaries. The horns from Petsofa are quite unique in terms of composition and complexity. They also resemble the double axe (the other symbol in Minoan cult) the edges of which are frequently doubled in size in order to give greater emphasis to the sacred object.

Exhibit Features
Date: Middle Bronze Age, 2100 - 1560 BC
Place of discovery: Sanctuary of Petsofas, Peak sanctuary of Petsofas
Dimensions: length: 0,14 m, width: 0,044 m, height: 0,098 m
Material: Lime mortar
Inventory number: MAN AE 6805
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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