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The Vase and Minor Objects Collection

Detail fromthe decoration theme of the epinetron
Red-Figure epinetron

This masterpiece of the Attic Red-Figure Style is decorated with a unique scene. The epinetron is an unusual wheel-made vessel used by women to protect their thigh while they combed wool. At the front end, which covers the knee, there is a plastic bust of a woman. The upper panel is undecorated since it would suffer the most wear. A band of palmettes decorates the rim. The lower sides bears scenes which take place in the women's apartments. One of them represents the nymph Alkestis surrounded by her friends, while the other illustrates Harmony, Eros, Hebe and Aphrodite. The band surrounding the plastic bust depicts the rapture of Thetis by Peleus. The figures are remarkably fine, with graceful gestures and richly pleated garments. This is an excellent work by the Eretria painter, named for this vessel from Eretria.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, 420 π.Χ.
Place of discovery: Eretria
Dimensions: length: 0,287 m, height: 0,10-0,124 m, diameter: 0,171 m
Material: Clay
Inventory number: 1629
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 55
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