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The Neolithic Collection

Hand-made neolothic vase with painted linear decoration
Spherical vase

This most perfect example of the Polychrome Style, which was prevalent in the Late Neolithic period, is unique on account of its form and decoration. It is hand-made (as opposed to wheel-made), with a spherical body, short neck, narrow mouth, flat base, and two vertical handles on the body's mid-section. The entire burnished surface is decorated with dark brown and red paint. The composition is identical on both sides of the vessel: intersecting curved lines delineate three large triangles. Dark semi-circles and spirals occupy the central triangles, and bright red crescent-shaped motifs fill the two lateral ones. This vase is diagnostic of the pottery found in the Dimini settlement and exceptional for its high quality.

Exhibit Features
Date: Neolithic Age, From 5300 B.C. to 4800 B.C.
Place of discovery: Dimini
Dimensions: height: 0,25 m, diameter: 0,12 m (lip)
Material: Clay
Inventory number: 5922
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 5
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