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The Metals Collection

Front, entrire view of the statuette
Statuette of a woman wearing a peplos

This excellent piece of early classical provincial metalwork is a characteristic example of the Severe Style. It is well preserved together with its circular base, which has attachment holes along the edge. The statuette depicts a young woman, the goddess Aphrodite according to some scholars. She stands with her left leg forward, her head slightly turned to the right and her arms raised to the sides. She holds a dove, symbol of Aphrodite, in her left hand and may have held a flower in the right. Over her short-sleeved chiton she wears a peplos with long fold. The figure was cast in two pieces held together with a pin, the hole for which is on the lower part of the fold. This statuette is considered to be the work of a north-eastern Peloponnesian workshop. It was bought by K. Karapanos in approximately 1891 and donated to the museum along with the rest of his collection.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, From 460 B.C. to 450 B.C.
Place of discovery: Epirus, Pindos
Dimensions: height: 0,27 m
Material: Copper
Inventory number: ΚΑΡ 540
  Suggestive Bibliography
Richter G.M.A., Korai. Archaic Greek Maidens, London, 1968, σ. 109 σημ. 7, εικ. 664-666
Other views
Back view of a woman wearing peplos
Detail of the upper part of the figure