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View of gods' relief
Votive relief of the gods

A votive relief with representations of Zeus and the Apollonian Trinity, that is Leto and her children, Apollo and Artemis. Zeus is shown seated on the left side of the relief. He wears an himation (mantle) that covers only the lower part of his body. His right arm is elevated in a manner suggesting he was holding a scepter, which most likely rendered in color. The other deities stand in front of Zeus facing right. Leto wears a Doric peplos (heavy dress made of wool) with a lavish overfold and an himation (mantle) covering part of her head. The spear she held in her left hand was also rendered in color. Apollo is beardless and his himation (mantle) is wrapped around his left arm and leaves the upper part of his body exposed. Artemis wears a chiton (light robe, usually made of linen) tied around her waist. She is apparently running towards the left but her head faces the opposite direction. She likely held bronze reins in her clasped palms. The feet of two animals can be discerned on the right end of the relief. The representation most likely concluded with Iphigenia, whose head has survived separately. The entire composition appears to have been influenced by the sculpture of the Parthenon, the masterpiece of the Classical period.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, beginning of 4th c. B.C.
Place of discovery: Vravrona, From the Stoa of the Sanctuary of Brauron
Dimensions: length: 1,09 m, width: 0,19 m, height: 0,81 m
Material: pentelic marble
Inventory number: Αρ. Βραυρώνας 1180 (12 α,β,γ)
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall C