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Krateriskos (Small Krater)

This krateriskos, decorated with the figures of young girls, is a typical example of vessels of the Classical period connected to the cult of goddess Artemis. It is a kalyx-shaped vase with a long conical leg and double horizontal handles. Three young women running towards the right or dancing in wide strides are pictured between the handles on each side of the body. Their body is rendered in an off-white color while a dark brown color is used for their head. On top of one handle is depicted a rectangular altar with an off-white volute crowning. The flame can be discerned on top of it. The interior of the vessel and the leg are decorated with parallel dark-brown lines. Such vessels have been found in various sanctuaries of Artemis (for example in those of Artemis Tauropolos, Mounichia, at Aulis, Aristovouli at the Agora, on the Acropolis (Vravronion), and at the cave of Pan and the Nymphs). The young women appearing on the vessels have been identified with the arktoi, the young girls who were devoted to the service of the goddess. The vessels have been interpreted as incense burners because in some cases traces of fire were preserved in them. It is not impossible, however, that they were also used to contain liquid offerings..

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, first half of 5th c. B.C.
Place of discovery: Vravrona, Artemis Sanctuary
Dimensions: height: 0,218 m, diameter: 0,191 m
Material: Clay
Inventory number: . 25-548
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall A
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