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Lidded white-ground pyxis (container of cosmetics or jewelry)

A pyxis with concave sides, a ring-shaped foot, and a lid. It is a typical example of white-ground vessels of the Classical period. Two winged women are pictured on the body moving to the right towards an offering table. The first one walks on the ground while the second one flies. Both wear a red chiton (light robe, usually made of linen) and a white himation (mantle), and hold a wreath. According to the inscriptions painted in red color next to them they utter ôkaleö (good). Another winged figure holding a band (tainia) is depicted on the left side of the table and in front of it lays another similar, although illegible, inscription. The scene is set between Ionic columns. On the back side of the pyxis there is a fourth winged figure wearing only a red chiton. The figure is positioned frontally, but her head is turned to the left towards the activity that takes place between the columns. The lid of the vessel is decorated with a white wreath around the handle while on the rim is painted a black meander on a white background.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, 5th c. B.C.
Place of discovery: Markopoulo, Cemetery of Merenta (grave 22) (Myrinnous)
Dimensions: height: 0,123 m, diameter: 0,071 m
Inventory number: ┴˝. 122
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall D, showcase 18