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Permanent exhibition of Diachronic Museum of Larisa

Neolithic pendant in human shape
Pendant (?) in the shape of a female figure

This is a beautiful, small pendant dating from the Neolithic period. It bears a rare representation of a woman in the so-called “delivery position”. The surface, despite its small size, is very smoothly finished. The head and the lower part of the left foot of the figure are missing. The woman is presented with her legs spread open and her knees bent, while her arms touch the upper part of her kneecaps. The legs, the waist and her shoulders are attributed with lines carved in incision, whereas there is a shallow, oval dimple on the lower part of her abdomen.

Exhibit Features
Date: Neolithic Age, Early Neolithic, phase Ib
Place of discovery: Larisa, Achilleion
Dimensions: width: 0,29 m, height: 0,32 m
Material: Stone
Inventory number: 3385
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  Suggestive Bibliography
Gimbutas M., Achilleion, A Neolithic Settlement in Thessaly-Greece, 6400-5600 BC, Los Angeles, California, 1989