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Attic white lekythos - Laurion Museum
Attic white-ground lekythos (perfume container)

This is a typical example of white-ground vases produced in Attica during the Classical period. The lekythos was found in a fragmentary condition and has been restored. All vessels of this kind carry representations relevant to mortuary rituals. So, this particular vessel is decorated with a representation referring to death. A woman and a man are shown approaching a burial monument, which stands on top of a three-step base. Two lekythoi and a kantharos (drinking vessel) are placed on the steps. The woman wears a long chiton (light robe, usually made of linen), and stretches her arms towards the monument, while the young man stands on the opposite side wrapped in a black-and-brown himation (mantle).

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period
Place of discovery: Sounio, coastal cemetery
Dimensions: height: 0,32 m
Material: Clay
Inventory number: Μ.Λ.510
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 2, show-case 4
  Suggestive Bibliography
Οικονομάκου Μ., Λαυρεωτική: το Μουσείο του Λαυρίου, 2001