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Votive relief with Hercules depiction from Pountazeza. Atrium of Laurion Museum
Votive relief of Heracles

This interesting votive plaque is missing a small part from its lower right side. It carries a relief representation of Heracles. The hero is naked and raises his club above a lion while holding it still with his left hand. The Cretan bull is depicted in front of the lion, a palm-tree and an olive tree in the background, while on the top there is an altar underneath a deep triangular carving. The relief was an offering to the sanctuary of Heracles, most likely in Puntazeza Lavrion. This and other votive offerings with representations of Heracles confirm the existence of his cult in the area of Lavrion during the Classical period.

Exhibit Features
Date: 400 B.C. - 350 B.C.
Place of discovery: Sounio, Agrileza
Dimensions: width: 0.691 m, height: 0.43 m (preserved)
Material: marble
Inventory number: Μ.Λ. 715
Exhibition hole: Atrium
  Suggestive Bibliography
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