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Quadrangular marble votive stele
Votive stele representing mythical battles

Large four-sided stele, dedicated to the sanctuary of Heracles, most likely located at the city of Herakleion in Puntazeza Laurion. The stele was the offering of a young man, winner in athletic games during the Classical period. The stele has been put together of many surviving fragments. Its original height would have been approximately 1.40 meters. A description of the stele in its orginal state exists in texts from the first half of the 20th century. There were relief representations on all four sides depicting the deeds of Heracles and Theseus: the fight with the Minotaur, the oxen of Geryon, and Heracles holding a club. On the front side was a relief representation of a naked young man carrying a wreath, and at the top part were depicted tripods.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period
Place of discovery: Laurio, Pountazeza
Dimensions: width: 0.41 m, height: 0.32 m (preserved)
Material: marble
Inventory number: Μ.Λ.714
Exhibition hole: Atrium
  Suggestive Bibliography
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