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14 relief plaques from the frieze of the pronaos of Poseidon temple, Sounio
The frieze of the pronaos (antechamber) in Poseidon's temple

There are fourteen relief plaques from the frieze of the pronaos in Poseidon's temple located in Sounion. Because of their extended exposure to the elements the plaques have been extensively damaged and survive in fragmentary condition. Scenes of the relief decoration of the frieze can be discerned and identified on many fragments. The subject matters derive from the mythological cycles of the Centauromachy, Gigantomachy and the labors of Theseus. Plaque (a) depicts a Centaur ceasing a woman who turns back towards a naked warrior. It is a representation of the capture of Hippodamia, wife of the King of Lapiths, Peirhithoos (Centauromachy cycle). Goddess Athena appears on plaque (στ) penetrating a giant with her spear (Gigantomachy cycle), while on plate (m) there is a representation of Theseus killing the boar of Krommyon (Theseus' labors cycle).

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, 447 B.C. - 444 B.C.
Place of discovery: Sounio, Temple of Poseidon
Dimensions: width: 1.10 m, height: 0.80 m
Material: marble
Inventory number: Μ.Λ.1219 (α-μ)
Exhibition hole: Atrium
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