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Navigate through Hellas map, explore the area of your interest and discover museums, monuments and archaeological sites. The map's multiple functions let you travel across all the country prefectures and allow you to collect administrative, geographical and cultural information.


Navigate through the chronological chart of Hellenic history and art, visiting important events in Hellenic prehistory and history from the Stone Age to our day, and view images of mobile and stationary monuments of every period, grouped by subject.


The Photographic Archive was created using images presented in the Odysseus site. It is divided into three basic chronological units, Antiquity, Byzantium and Modern-Contemporary Hellas, each of them divided into smaller subject units. The photographic archive will be continuously enriched with new subject units, in order to provide a more complete image of Hellenic civilization through time.


In the Glossary you will find historical, archaeological and artistic terms, and you will be given concise information on mythological and historical figures encountered in the Odysseus site. Terms and names are listed in alphabetical order.

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