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Ancient Corinth Archaeological Museum
In the Museum galleries are exhibited:

Finds dated to the Prehistoric Period from the area of Ancient Corinth, the Korakou Hill and the site of Zygouries (Prehistoric Gallery)

Finds from the Geometric, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic City of Corinth (Classical Gallery - under reconstruction - accessible to the public in 2016)

Finds from the Roman, Byzantine and Frankish City. In this Gallery are also exhibited objects stolen in 1990 from the Museum and delivered back in 2001 (Roman Gallery)

Finds from the Sanctuary of Asklepios and the Early Christian cemetery (Asklepieion Gallery)

A selection of statues, sculpture, Greek and Latin inscriptions, as well as finds related to the presence of the Jewish community in the area can also be seen (Atrium).

A new (East) gallery currently under construction, will be added to the Museum in 2016, hosting finds from the komai (smaller settlements) and the sanctuaries of Corinth, as well as the twin Kouroi found in the cemetery of ancient Tenea.
Socrates Koursoumis