The Museum is located in the centre of the archaeological site of ancient Corinth, in the middle of the modern, homonymous village, on the northern slope of Acrocorinth. It was built in 1931-1932, with the initiatie of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, designed by W. Stuart Thompson, thanks to the donation of Ada Small Moore.

In its galleries finds currently exhibited, attest the continuous habitation of the area as well, while others are originated from selected archaeological sites of the Corinthia, from prehistoric times until the Byzantine period, are exhibited.

Today, visitors can visit the Prehistoric and Roman Galleries, as well as the Asklepieion Gallery, where votive objects related to the healing power of the god are exhibited. In the Atrium, one can also admire a collection of Roman statues, sculpture and ancient inscriptions in both Greek and Latin, as well as finds from the Late Roman Jewish Synagogue of the city.

The Classical Gallery is temporarily closed due to its re-exhibition, along with the exhibition of the East Gallery. The project is funded by ESPA 2007-2014 and excecuted by the 37th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Corinthia
Socrates Koursoumis