Since 2001, the Water Supply Museum has been under the responsibility of EYATH S.A. Its restored buildings receive visits by students of all educational levels. It further offers options for organising educational programs on the subject of water and water supply in general. Also, projections of videos about the water supply of Thessaloniki are realised in a specially designated space of the museum.

The museum's areas open to the public are:

a. the central pumping building, with its functional pumps and generators (central display room). Located here are the motors and electricity generators, the old power switchboards and the large pumping units that supplied the entire city of Thessaloniki with water up to 1978. A working model is exhibited in this space to demonstrate the operation of the old steam engine with the pump, dating to the initial phase of the pump station.

b. the multi-functional hall (old boiler house), that includes the impressive restored space of the old steam boilers.

c. the administration building, where a specialised library on water and hydraulic works operates and a unique archive of historical maps, water supply project designs of the 19th and 20th centuries and old photographs and documents from the rich archives of EYATH can be found.

d. the Water Park, which has historical pump units and water pipes on display.

The museum receives around 5000 school-aged children, mainly of primary school, on a yearly basis, from dozens of school in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.