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The Museum exhibits rich collections of items which represent the following fields of popular art:

Weaving (especially gossamer-thin silk and rep-weave cloth)

Embroidery (mainly cocoon-formed and white embroidery)

Local costume (men's and women's wedding, Sunday and everyday clothes)



Wood carving

Painting (works of G. D'Esposito, Sot. Chrysanthopoulos)

Stone carving

The collections are exhibited in the 450-square-metre halls of the Museum as follows:

On the ground floor is the large room with the costumes, the military uniforms of the Balkan Wars, Saint Nektarios' sacerdotal vestments, chalices, items of carved wood, jewels, and the "urban corner". There is also a room with household items, and the rooms of the Museum's Office and Library and the Photography Darkroom.

On the first floor are the rooms that represent a typical dining room and a sitting room, a room with a loom and hand-woven items, three rooms with embroidery and knitting work and the room of photos and documents of Kymi which include those of the locally-born great doctor G. Papanicolaou. The store-house is on the attic above this floor.