Administrative Information

A. Eftalioti 7 (old Bulding), Τ.Κ. 811 00, Lesvos (Prefecture of Lesvos)

Telephone: +30 22510 28032 (Παλαιό κτίριο) και 2251040223 (Νέο κτίριο)
Fax: +30 22510 44913

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Full: €4, Reduced: €2
4 - 2 for the New Building. 2 - 1 for the Old Building.
Special ticket package: Full: €4, Reduced: €2
Free admission days
6 March (in memory of Melina Mercouri)
18 April (International Monuments Day)
18 May (International Museums Day)
The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)
28 October
Free admission for:
For information about free and reduced admission to Greek State Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Museums please press here

New buιlding:
From Wednesday to Monday open: 08:30 - 15:30, from 1/11/2023 to 31/3/2024. Closed on Tuesdays.

Old building:

New buιlding:
From Wednesday to Monday open: 08:30 - 15:30, from 1/4 to 31/10/2024. Tuesday closed.

Old building:

1 January: Closed
Shrove Monday: Closed
25 March: Closed
Good Friday: Open: 12:00-17:00
1 May: Closed
Easter Sunday: Closed
25 December: Closed
26 December: Closed
  Amenities for the physically challenged
The old building there are not facilities for the disabled. Unlike the new building are specifically designed elevators and ramps throughout the exhibition, the space elevator for lectures and special goblets and wc
The Archaeological Museum of Mytilene (Old and New Building) is located near the city center and just a few dozen meters from the port, a fact that makes for easy access for visitors from the ship. Unlike the distance from the airport is approximately 7 km away and can be accessed normally rented limousines or buses urban bus routes to the city center is not enough.
1) Guide to the Archaeological Museum of Mytilene on the Greek and English (Ministry of Culture-KEPKA, Mytilini 1999).
2) Books of TAP
3) Cards
4) Puzzle
5) Scrapbook entitled "Chios t 'underwater city Oinopionos" (Ministry of Culture-K EPCA, Chios 2000)
6) Posters
7) Slides
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