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Geni Tzami, view
The Yeni Mosque was built by Moustafa Aga Koulaxizi about 1825. It is the biggest and most recent Islamic mosque in Mytilini, located in the center of the ex ottoman market, in the neighborhood known today as Epano Skala. The whole building is made of stone, roofed with a dome (domed) covered with tiles, combining architectural features of Byzantine and Ottoman style. Particularly impressive is the Mihrab inside the building. At the north side of the courtyard there was the Mouftis? house. Since February 2000 restoration works have begun thanks to the remodelling and promotion of Mytilini?s historical center, which had been carried out by the Mynicipality of Mytilini under the supervision of the 14th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.
Athena - Christina Loupou, Archaeologist