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Castle built near the village of Malona on a hill 85 metres high overlooking the sea between the bays of Ayia Agathe and Charaki. It is also known as Faraklo or Charaki. Its remains date from the Byzantine and Hospitaller periods. The plan is polygonal, covering an area of 1,700 square metres with a perimeter of 680 metres and contained a substantial settlement. The north, northwest and west walls are Byzantine in date. The crenellation is of a plain , with square merlons.One gate and two 15th c. round towers still survive to the south and southeast. The arms of the Order of St. John and of grand master G. B. degli Orsini are incorporated in the masonry facing the sea. A water cistern still survives inside the castle. The conquest of Feraklos by the Knights Hospitaller on 20 September 1306 was the first success of the Order in its endeavout to conquer the island. Before 1408 the castle was deserted. It was repaired under grand masters Orsini (1467-1476) and Pierre d?Aubusson (1476-1503), for the protection of the fertile territory around and the nearby anchorages. In its line of sight was included the castle of Lindos; the two castles were the only ones omitted in an order to abandon the fortresses of the countryside in1470; instead, ther were to be reinforced. According to a document of 1474, in case of need it would provide refuge for the villagers of Maliona, Salia, Katagros, Zenodotou and Kaminari.