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The archaeological site of Palatiano lies on two hills between the modern villages of Kentriko and Palatiano, in the Prefecture of Kilkis. The ancient city was built on the east side of the northern hill, while its cemeteries lie on the southern hill. The site is mainly known in literature from the monument of “Heroon” with its four marble statues and inscriptions.

The archaeological site of Palatiano has been identified as the ancient city of Ioron, one of the cities of ancient Krestonia, on the eastern part of the Axios valley. It lies on a favorable location in the fertile plain of the river Echedoros (modern name Gallikos), assuring control of the access points of Parorbelia and Sintike to Krestonia and Mygdonia. The sanctuary of Dionysus in ancient Ioron was famous throughout Krestonia and finds have confirmed the cult of the god in the site of Palatiano.
Anastasios Keramaris, Maria Farmaki, Stamatis Chatzitoulousis
10th c. BC
8th - 6th century BC
4th - mid 1st century BC
1st - 3rd century AD