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Aerial photography of the necropolis at Armenoi
The layout of the cemetery seems to have been pre-planned. All the tombs belong to the rock-cut chamber tomb with dromos, with the exception of the unique built tholos tomb no. 200. Unworked stones and pyramidal or slab stelae were erected over the tombs as markers. They were all family tombs, containing multiple burials, either placed directly on the floor or inside larnakes. The grave offerings - pottery, weapons, tools and jewellery - provide us with useful information on art, religion and social organization of the period.

In 1969, two pupils presented to the Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon two vases found at the site called Prinokephalo, at the community of Armenoi. Investigation of the area prooved the existence of an extensive Late Minoan cemetery. Since then, the site has been systematically excavated, and more than 220 tombs have been brought to light.