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Topograhical map of the Sanctuaries
The Mon Repos Estate is located on the Kanoni peninsula between the suburb of Anemomilos and the hill of Analipsis. It is only 2 km. away from the modern city center and occupies part of the ancient city of Corfu, Paleopolis. It is washed by the sea in the east, while in most part of its perimeter it is separated by a road from adjacent properties. The Estate is surrounded by a tall fence wall, which has three gates, a central on Palaiopolis road and two on Analipsis road. A network of narrow routes and footpaths lead the visitor to the various buildings constructed at times in it and to the remains of the surviving antiquities.

The nearly 235 acres Estate has a botanical garden of lush vegetation. There are many references of travelers and visitors to the island during the 19th century describing with admiration the natural beauty and the unique position of the Estate. The philhellene and founder of modern Olympic Games French Baron Pierre de Coubertin calls the gardens of the Estate ‘Eden’ stressing the harmonious coexistence of tropical plants and plants of northern climates, while Alexander von Warsberg, consul of Austria in Corfu and lover of classical Hellenism, identifies them with ‘the gardens of Alcinous’.

Apart from the rich vegetation the diversity of the soil relief contributes significantly to the beauty of the landscape. Sloping hillsides, small hills, plateaus, narrow paths and wide routes, all coexist in balance and interchange with each other composing a landscape of outstanding natural beauty.

Due to its listing as a historical and archaeological site and also as an unbuilt zone of absolute protection, the Mon Repos Estate constitutes an untouched by modern human activities environment, where monuments, ancient and modern, coexist harmoniously with nature.

Today, in the area there are the ruins of the Temple of Hera (Heraion) to the southwest, the Temple of Kardaki southeast and Post-Byzantine church of Christ the Savior in the middle of the east side.