The excavations at Estavromenou Square, Aigaleo, revealed a section, 27.70 metres long and 5.30-5.90 metres wide, of the Sacred Street, which runs in an east-west direction, parallel to and at a short distance to the north of modern Iera Odos. Two retaining walls of different sized limestone blocks define the road's course; because they lay close to the surface, they are very partially preserved. Five successive street layers were identified. They consist either of medium sized cut stones, or of smaller stones, or of trodden dirt and gravel. The last street layer was hewn on bedrock and shows traces of carriage wheels.

Rock-hewn graves were identified on either side of the street. These, too, were destroyed because of their proximity to the surface.
Ioanna Tsirigoti - Drakotou, archaeologist