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Worshiping women: Ritual and Reality in Classical Athens

(July 20, 2009 - November 30, 2009)

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Monday:13.30-20.00 Tuesday-Saturday:8.00-20.00
Other Photographs of the exhibition
Pyxis, 340-330 BC. From Eretria.
Athens, National Archaeological Museum, 1635
Leto giving birth beneath the palm tree on Delos.
Red-Figure Hydria. By a painter close to the Danaids Painter
Ca. 330 B.C. From Nola. 	
London, British Museum, GR 1824.5-1.35 
Depicted on this hydria is Theano, the aging priestess of Athena, in the scene of 
the rape of Kassandra by the lesser Ajax, son of Oileus, in Athena's temple at Troy.
Cast of Ninnion. Ca. 370 B.C.
From the sanctuary of Demeter at Eleusis
Eleusis Archaeological Museum
Red-Figure Lekythos. 470-460 B.C. From Eretria.
Athens, National Archaeological Museum, 1304
The seated woman stretches out her arms to receive the male child who is being held by a standing maidservant.