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The Great Steppe: History and Culture

Poster The Great Steppe
On Monday, November 11, 2019, the exhibition of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The Great Steppe: History and Culture" will be officially opened at the Epigraphic Museum and will be open to the public from Tuesday 12 November to December 11, 2019.

This is a touring exhibition of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, part of a wider cultural program entitled "The Golden Manís World Museums tour ". It has already been presented in museums of Asian cities while Athens, in a symbolic way, is the first stop before the exhibition continues its tour to other European cities.

The exhibits, 245 artefacts and sets of objects from the prehistoric period to the 20th century, outline the long cultural tradition of the nomadic peoples of the Steppe, east of the Caspian Sea, reflecting social practices, religious traditions and contacts with other peoples. Most distinctive is the representation of the Golden Man, a warrior leader with luxurious apparel and golden sewed-on decorative plates unearthed in a richly furnished burial.

Along with these unique artefacts, an exact replica of the Steppe Nomads' traditional tents adds to the creation of a distinctive museum experience that celebrates Kazakhstan's extrovert attitude to promote its cultural heritage as well as contemporary art.

It is a unique opportunity for the Greek public to visit this initiative of Kazakhstan, particularly honorable for our country, in order to experience a significant culture still unknown to us in Greece.

The exhibition is organized by the Directorate of Archaeological Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Greece in cooperation with the Epigraphic Museum, the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Greece.