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Permanent exhibition of Ancient Agora Museum

Cleroterion (Allotment machine)

The fragment from a marble cleroterion found at the city agora is one of the most important finds related to the public life of ancient Athens. It consists of a stele with horizontal series of slots on the front side and a vertical metal tube on the side of the stele. The prospective jurors inserted in the slots small flat pieces of bronze carrying their name, their father's name, and the municipality (demos) they belonged to. Black and white small metal spheres were placed inside the funnel and then released into the tube in a random order. The candidates whose plates were aligned with a white sphere were allotted jurors, while those who had a black one were not.

Exhibit Features
Date: Hellenistic period, 3rd c. B.C.
Place of discovery: Athens, Ancient Agora
Dimensions: width: 0,73 m, height: 0,588 m
Material: marble
Inventory number: ╔ 3967
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