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Permanent exhibition of Ancient Agora Museum

Oil flask in the shape of a kneeling young athlete

Terracotta vessel representing a kneeling young athlete, in the act of binding a ribbon (diadem), symbol of victory, around his head. The rendering of anatomical details is very artful and the toes and fingers are delicately shaped.

Product of an Attic workshop with Ionic influence, this vessel was used as an oil flask, such as those carried by athletes to hold their rub-down. It is the earliest example of Attic plastic vessels. It is also the earliest known depiction of a self-diademed figure.

Exhibit Features
Date: Archaic period, 540 B.C. - 530 B.C.
Place of discovery: Athens, Ancient Agora
Dimensions: height: 0,255 m
Material: Clay
Inventory number: Đ 1231
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