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The permanent exhibition of the Epigraphical Museum

View of the inscription
Inscription recording the donation of land by king Lysimachos

This inscribed stele refers to a known historical figure, Lysimachos, who was a general under Alexander the Great and King of Thrace. It describes the donation of ten fields to a man named Limnaios, son of Arpalos. The text is neatly engraved in twenty-seven lines and is preserved in its entirety. It gives a detailed account of the fields, their size and location, and of the neighbouring properties in order to avoid any litigation. The donation is precisely dated thanks to the mention of Timesios, priest of Lysimachos, whose cult was established at Kassandreia the year he became king. Limnaios, to whom the fields were donated, was probably an important Macedonian, who helped Lysimachos to establish his dominion.

Exhibit Features
Date: Hellenistic period, 285/4 BC
Place of discovery: Kassandreia
Dimensions: length: 0,355 m, width: 0,095 m, height: 0,92 m
Material: marble
Inventory number: ΕΜ 13476
Exhibition hole: Hall IX
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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View of the inscription