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The permanent exhibition of the Epigraphical Museum

General view of the inscription
Inscription relating the conditions for the construction of the sheuotheke of Philon

This inscribed stele is associated with one of the most important buildings in the port of Piraeus, the skeuotheke (arsenal), where the equipment for battleships was stored. The inscription, which is preserved in its entirety, consists of ninety-six neatly carved lines. It relates the conditions for the construction of the skeuotheke by the architects Philon of Eleusis and Euthydomos of Athens, and describes the building's architecture and construction techniques in great detail. This enabled modern scholars to reconstruct the skeuotheke entirely. In fact, the inscription is a proclamation by the architect himself of the building's construction and a disclosure of its technical specifications. This inscription was discovered near the location of the skeuotheke. It is precisely dated.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, 347/6 BC
Place of discovery: Peiraias
Dimensions: length: 0,54 m, width: 0,10 m, height: 1,16 m
Material: marble
Inventory number: ΕΜ 12538
Exhibition hole: Hall 9
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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Other views
View of the inscription