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The permanent exhibition of the Epigraphical Museum

Marble inscription recording the names of Athenians killed in battle
Inscription recording the names of Athenians killed in battle

This imposing stele from an Athenian funerary monument lists the names of Athenian soldiers killed in battle at the Hellespont and in the Aegean, probably in the year 447 BC. The names of fifty-nine men, ordered by tribe, are written in columns, headed by the name of the place where the battle took place. The engraver allowed space for more names to be added: those names that would become known later and those of men who would die from their wounds. The lower part of the stele bears a touching epigram for those killed at the Hellespont. This epigram resembles one in the Palatine Anthology (VII, 258), dedicated to those killed at Eurymedontas in 446 BC, and attributed to Simonides.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, probably 447 BC
Place of discovery: Athens
Dimensions: length: 0,51 m, width: 0,185 m, height: 1,695 m
Material: marble
Inventory number: ΕΜ 10618
Exhibition hole: Hall 9th
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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Other views
Upper part of the grave stele
The lower part of the grave stele